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Cixi Guangjia Communication Equipment Co., Ltd , engaged in professional products of optical fiber communication. By integrating production and sales, it has complete product categories including wall-mounted or pole-mounted optical cable and fiber distribution boxes, FC , SC ,ST and LC adapter flange, sleeve,coupler and connector, etc. Moreover, it has complete products which are good in performance and excellent in price with echo insertion loss within 0.2db, having become the first industrial choice of most customers both at home and abroad.

  • Fiber box Fiber box
    Installed in the outdoor walls, poles and other locations, you can easily complete the cable connection and distribution functions, and to meet the placement of optical splitter and achieve spectral function.
  • Adaptor Adaptor
    Effectively suppress the noise of ground bribery, so that the signal field and the main control side in the electrical isolation, to prevent damage outside the main control system        
  • 86 Info panel box 86 Info panel box
    For home or work area, complete dual-core fiber access and port output, can fully meet the requirements of fiber bending radius, and protect the fiber out of the fiber core to provide safe protection.