The adapter is an interface converter that can be a standalone hardware interface device that allows hardware or electronic interfaces to be connected to other hardware or electronic interfaces or to the information interface. For example: power adapter, tripod base adapter parts, USB and serial port transfer equipment.

In a computer, the adapter is usually built into a card that can be plugged into a slot on the motherboard (and also an external) card to exchange information between the adapter and the device supported by the processor and the adapter.

Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power supply conversion equipment, generally by the shell, power transformers and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into AC output and DC output type; according to the connection can be divided into wall Type and desktop. Mobile PC because there is no battery, power adapter is particularly important to it.

Most mobile PC power adapter can automatically detect 100 ~ 240V AC (50 / 60Hz). Basically all the mobile PC power supply external, with a line and the host connection, which can reduce the size and weight of the host, only a very small number of models built-in power in the host. In the power adapter has a nameplate, marked above the power, input and output voltage and current and other indicators, with particular attention to the input voltage range, which is the so-called “travel power adapter.”

When the MBean is registered to the MBean server, the protocols that interact with these MBeans are required and the information is retrieved for requests from the management application. This is enabled through the protocol adapter, which converts the management application data into standard protocol information.

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