Advantages of ABS material

1.The structure of ABS resin includes graft copolymer with elastomer as the main chain and graft copolymer with hard ABS resin as the main chain; or a mixture of rubber elastomer and hard ABS resin.

2. Plastic ABS resin is the polymer with the largest output and the most widely used. It organically unifies the various properties of PB, PAN and PS, and has excellent mechanical properties of toughness, hardness and rigidity.

3. Most ABS is non-toxic and impervious to water, but slightly permeable to water vapor, and has low water absorption. The water absorption rate of room temperature immersion does not exceed 1% for one year and the physical properties do not change. The surface of ABS resin products can be polished to obtain highly glossy products.
4. ABS has excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, and good low-temperature impact resistance. Dimensional stability. Electrical properties, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dyeability, finished product processing and mechanical processing are better.


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Post time: Nov-20-2020