Development status of the communications industry

1. The industry keeps running smoothly

(1) Telecom business revenue stabilized and rebounded, and the total telecom business volume grew rapidly
(2) The fixed communication business maintains rapid growth, and its proportion continues to increase
(3) Data and Internet businesses have grown rapidly, and emerging businesses have become new driving forces
2. The effect of network speed increase and universal service is remarkable

(1) The growth rate of telephone users has slowed down, and the penetration rate of mobile phones has steadily increased
(2) Fixed broadband has entered the gigabit era, with 4G users accounting for over 80%
(3) The universal service of telecommunications has achieved remarkable results, and the rapid growth of rural broadband users
(4) The development of new business formats is gratifying, and the scale of cellular IoT users is rapidly expanding


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Post time: Nov-16-2020