Explosion-proof junction box

Explosion-proof junction box
The explosion-proof junction box has two types: flameproof type and increased safety type. According to its wiring method, it can be divided into two types: steel pipe wiring and cable wiring. The steel pipe wiring is equipped with pipe joints to facilitate the connection between the steel pipe and the junction box; the compression nut is used for the cable wiring. The explosion-proof wiring basin is equipped with a wiring socket made of melamine slate and arc resistant plastic. Each port of the junction box has rubber gaskets, blocking plates, metal washers and compression nuts (or pipe joints). After the wire is introduced, the nut must be compressed or the pipe joint must be tightened to meet the requirements of sealing and isolation. [2]
Features of explosion-proof box:
1) Cast aluminum alloy shell, surface spraying, beautiful appearance. The explosion-proof and anti-corrosion series are made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin molded shell. Or stainless steel welding forming;
2) When opening the cover, only need to loosen 1/3 of the bolt, and then turn the cover clockwise by 10° to open, which can achieve the effect of not losing the bolt and opening the cover quickly;
3) There are many ways and specifications for the inlet and outlet ports;
4) The thread of the inlet and outlet can be specially made;
5) Steel pipe or cable wiring;

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