Optical fiber terminal box features

The optical fiber terminal box is the terminal connector of an optical cable. One end is an optical cable and the other end is a pigtail. It is equivalent to a device that splits an optical cable into a single optical fiber. The user optical cable terminal box installed on the wall, its function is to provide Fiber and fiber fusion splicing, fiber and pigtail splicing, and optical connector handover. It also provides mechanical protection and environmental protection for the optical fiber and its components, and allows proper inspections to maintain the highest standard of optical fiber management

product features:

1. Provide a protective connection between the optical cable and the wiring pigtail.
2. Insulate the metal components of the optical cable from the cable end shell, and can be easily lead to ground.
3. Provide space for the placement of the optical cable terminal and storage of the remaining optical fiber to facilitate installation and operation.
4. The box body with sufficient impact resistance is fixed, which is convenient for installation in different use occasions.
5. You can choose a variety of installation methods such as wall-mounted installation or directly placed in the channel.

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Post time: Sep-03-2020