The application field of optical fiber communication

The application field of optical fiber communication is very wide. It is mainly used for local telephone trunk lines. The advantages of optical fiber communication can be fully utilized here, gradually replacing cables and being widely used. It is also used for long-distance trunk line communications in the past, which mainly relied on cables, microwaves, and satellite communications. Now it is gradually using optical fiber communications and has formed a globally dominant bit transmission method; used for global communications networks and public telecommunication networks in various countries (such as China’s National One It is also used for high-quality color television transmission, industrial production site monitoring and dispatching, traffic monitoring and control command, urban cable television network, and common antenna (CATV) system. It is used in optical fiber local area network and other such as aircraft, spacecraft, ships, underground mines, electric power departments, military, corrosion and radiation, etc.

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Post time: Dec-10-2020