What is pigtail? ? ?

1. The pigtail is also called the pigtail bai. Only one end has a du connector, and the other end is a broken end of an optical fiber core. dao
2. There is a multi-core optical fiber in the outdoor optical cable, which reaches the user, and the pigtail is connected to the core of the optical cable by fusion splicing, and the splicing joint is fixed in the optical fiber terminal box. Separate the corresponding fiber cores to users for connecting optical cables and optical transceivers.
3. Pigtails are divided into multi-mode pigtails and single-mode pigtails. The multi-mode pigtail is orange, the wavelength is 850nm, the transmission distance is 500m, and it is used for short-distance interconnection. The single-mode pigtail is yellow, with two wavelengths, 1310nm and 1550nm, and transmission distances of 10km and 40km, respectively.

12-core LC beam-shaped pigtail

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Post time: Sep-24-2020